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Authentic French Yoga Dream

In 2017 Lizzie left an extensive teaching and Successful Dance & Choreographic career in the UK to permanently reside in South West France with a vision of a "French Yoga Dream".

Alongside her husband, the couple have renovated their house and Barn space into a well established Professional level Studio's, hugely popular amongst the multinational English speakers residing locally.

In studio weekly Lizzie orchestrates a carefully constructed schedule of group Yoga, Pilates, Barre and Strength Training Classes, Specialised Workshops, 1-1 Private Tuition & Events.

In Spring & Autumn the grounds and Studios are specifically finely tuned & prepared to welcome our International

 5 night Retreat guests.


Lizzie is a retired Professional Dancer & Choreographer with 20 years experience in Performance & teaching Dance & Fitness worldwide. She has Choreographed within Theatre, TV & the music industry working alongside stars such as Bonnie Tyler & The Indie rock band "The Wombats".

She trained as a Dancer at the well respected Paul Mc Cartney Stage School LIPA (The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts) graduating with a BA in Dance before residing in London.

Alongside an extensive Dance career Lizzie holds Level 2 & 3 Fitness qualifications,  Various additional trainings (such as pre & post natal, Kettlebells training) & 10 years ago qualified as a Certified Yoga Teacher under the guidance of Yoga professionals Director/ Author Conrad Paul & the Sivananda Lineage.



Lizzie also loves Aerial and challenging Ashthanga/ Power based practise, the quieter pace of French life & the sunshine. She attends Workshops and Classes in Bordeaux and abroad while travelling to keep developing her personal practise and continued professional development.

"Creative & Expressive Movement have been my life since age 4 studying Dance and exploring movement pathways. I've a deep routed awareness and appreciation of those beautiful fleeting moments where through movement you feel alive. Through your time with me, no matter what level your practise, one of the many things I'll help you to develop is your overall approach to the physical aspect and technique.  I'll encourage you to look for the detail & precision in how your moving through space & time, in unison with the breath & of course without judgement of yourself. It's ok to use the blocks, take a rest in Child's Pose, adapt a pose or transition to suit your body type or work around an injury for example. I'll help you discover those pathways where you may be blocked or stuck whatever your level of prior experience.  The peaceful and calmer energy of this part of the world will help you slowly tune into a much needed slower frequency, helping to reduce stress and to detoxify from the fast pace of "normal life". Practising here in the warm French countryside is something you will truly absorb, it's a sensation for the senses of natural, countryside life. There's no rushing here in rural French life. It's like stepping back in time to a place where the world moves a little slower, where the days are lazier and the "Joie de Vie", joy of life is respected and nurtured within French culture. ​I'm grateful of our unique position - I'm a yoga teacher with my own stunning venue in SW France. I've had the time to get to know the area living here full time & therefore have considered every aspect of the experience down to the best months for stunning weather, the best local organic and experienced suppliers, slow yet structured timings of each day, the right balance of activity and calm & refined group sizes for quality attention to detail. ​

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