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To Retreat: "To Withdraw to a quiet or Secluded Place"

Rural French Life meanders along at a tranquil pace; an essence of calm surrounds you as you immerse yourself in nature, local organic produce, a different cultural frequency, fresh air & simple natural beauty. Transporting yourself to the countryside of the Lot et Garonne honestly encapsulates the meaning of the phrase "to Retreat" ...

After working in the mainstream Dance and Fitness industry for 20+ years we find ourselves residing in France full time for 7 years. Here we are combining a lifetime of movement knowledge with full time, real life immersion in French culture and Lifestyles to bring you high quality Retreats delivered in English but highlighting the most beautiful complimentary qualities the area has to offer.

Explore Daily Energising Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness intertwined with Stunning Farm to table Menu's, Local Organic Wines, Countryside Walks, Outdoor local Food Markets, Rest, Peace and an a real chance to let go of life's distractions and focus inwards.

A true gift to the self...

Our bespoke, seasonal and very select number of retreats per year are personal, heartfelt & highly curated offerings of affordable holistic wellbeing. All delivered from the comfort of our personal Countryside Manor house and renovated Rustic barn studios Les Tavernes by owner, host and Experienced Yoga & Movement Specialist Lizzie Mapstone.

The air is full of tranquility;

Come Breathe in the beauty with experienced guide Lizzie and restore your Vitality...

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